Weekly Drawing Classes

Weekly Art Classes

Art has a powerful impact on the way your child grows and develops...

At Parker Monart, we offer on-going drawing and clay classes for students Pre-School through High School. We utilize the Monart Drawing Method, by Mona Brookes while supporting a healthy, positive sense of self-esteem in students through a creatively structured and educational environment. Students are surrounded with the philosophy that there are no mistakes in art and “everyone can learn to draw!”  Just as musicians learn notes and scales in order to play instruments, Monart students learn skills necessary to translate their perceptions onto paper. A skill that is useful in many aspects of life.  We use a variety of fine art media so each student experiences the different qualities of the materials.

A few things we will learn in class:

  • Different fine art mediums and their uses
  • Learning to draw what you see
  • Proportions
  • Composition
  • Color usage

Weekly Drawing Classes:

  • just stARTing (4-6 y.o.)
  • Basic Drawing (6-9 y.o.)
  • Intermediate Drawing (9-12 y.o.) (teens welcome)
  • Drawing & Clay Combo Classes for all ages.


  • 1 hour drawing class     $17.50/class
  • 1.5 hour drawing class     $22.50/class
  • 1 hour drawing/clay class     $19.00/class
  • 1.5 hour drawing/clay class     $24.00/class

MonArt’s Core Values

There are no mistakes. Each attempt in drawing is a stepping-stone to achieving a final result. Each time an undesirable line is made, the artist is given more information about his/her drawing. It doesn’t necessarily mean the artwork is doomed and/or ruined. Now that they know what they don’t want, they are encouraged to make a different line to figure out what they do want. This process can often invoke a new creative approach or inspiration that otherwise may not have been discovered if the artwork was simply crumpled and thrown away.


Make art a part of your child’s education!

A preview of our classes…