Response to Covid-19

We care about your family!

The recent spike in Covid 19 cases has many families wondering what the new restrictions mean for a lot of businesses and schools in the area.

At Monart, we are continuing to hold classes in person unless mandates prevent us from doing so. With this said, we also respect your personal choice to stay at home instead.

Beginning November 30, all in-person classes will have the option to meet at the studio or participate online. If you choose an in-person class but for any reason you are unable to attend, you can join your regularly scheduled class on Zoom.

With these new changes, we are providing art kits for each student. These materials will go home with the students each week. This will allow a student who unexpectedly cannot attend class in person to actively participate online. If you prefer to use your own materials that is also an option.

With the start of a new session, in addition to standard compliance policies, we have made additional updates in the classroom.

  • Smaller class sizes and increased seating distance between students.
  • Staggered class times
  • Plexi-glass sneeze guard between students
  • H13 HEPA Air Filtration system in our studio
  • Designated art supplies/personal art kits per student where applicable
  • Scheduled hand-sanitizing breaks during class
  • Studio sanitizing procedures 
  • Frequent reminders that students should not attend class if they or someone they have come in contact with has recently traveled, is known to have the 2019 Coronavirus, or if they have the onset of cold/flu symptoms or respiratory symptoms.
  • Mask mandate compliance